World General Knowledge (Human Geography) – Quiz 1

1. _______________ density is the ratio between the total populations and the amount of land under cultivation in a given unit of area.


2. _________________ is a feeling of collective identity based on a populations politico-territorial identification within a state or a across state boundaries.


3. ____________________ the study of characteristics of human populations is an interdisciplinary undertaking.


4. A _____________ is a group of individuals who share a common temporal demographic experience.


5. A ______________ is a straight forward count of the number of people in a country region or city.


6. A major obstacle to economic development in China has been ____________________________________.


7. A minute territory Andorra in the mountains chain of _____________ was jointly administered by President of French Republic and Bishop of Spain?


8. A permanent relocation crossing political boundaries of cities is called _____________________?


9. According to 2011 censes record in Europe _________of total population of the world population estimates by continents.


10. Administrative regions of Guinea is?


11. After China which of the following Asian country is the largest producer of Bauxite?


12. Arizona is divided into how many counties?


13. Assessing the location and composition of particular population is known as _____________________.


14. Bangladesh is also known as a land of ______________.


15. Bishkek is the capital of


16. Cayman Island locate in the Wester part of?


17. Common interest tourism includes ___________________.


18. Conakry is the largest city of?


19. Crude population density is also called as ____________ density.


20. Deferred Demand is demand unfulfilled because of a ______________.


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