English 8th Class – Quiz 1

1. And winds that come but cannot stayAre singing ______________ all the time.


2. God make my life _____________ hymn/ Of tenderness and praise Fill the blank with the suitable word bearing in view the Poem A Childs Hymn.


3. Yes. It is water. Water is so important __________ us. We use it all the time.


4. A full stop(.) is used to show


5. Abdul Qadirs mother came to know that a caravan of merchants was _________ for Baghdad.


6. All right. Where do you want to go __________


7. Antonym of Majority is:


8. As years passed __________ Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani studied faithfully and lived a true and brave life.


9. Aunt Polly __________ tied one end of the thread to Toms tooth.


10. Ayan has finished ___ homework.


11. Because of Quaid-e-Azams untiring efforts and rock __________ determination Pakistan appeared on the map of the world.


12. Choose the correct form


13. He (Arif) realized it was much more fun to listen to what others have ___________ rather than keep talking.


14. He (Quaid-e-Azam) thus became the ___________ barrister of India at the age of nineteen.


15. He (Quaid-e-Azam) worked day and _________ to make Pakistan great and strong nation.


16. He (Thomas Edison) had a sharp mind and always wanted to know how things _____________.


17. He ran fast and delicately. Pick the verb.


18. Hira: Do you think I caught the germs _________ the Park? Which of the following preposition can be placed in the blank space?


19. His (Arif) classmates liked this change and slowly became _________ towards him.


20. Mary came _________ with the thread and red hot coal.


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