English 8th Class – Quiz 2

1. Mother: It may not look dirty like the doors of shops, your school desks, swings, ___________ and slides. Which of the following word is more suitable for the blank space?


2. Mother: Let me check. Oh_____ You also have fever. Which of the following symbols is more befitting in the given space?


3. Once there was a boy named Arif. He talked _________ much. He never listened to others.


4. One night when he (Quaid-e-Azam) was studying, his aunt said, If you keep __________ studying like this you will fall ill.


5. Penguins are always fun to be ____________ because they put a smile on your face. They are really amazing creatures.


6. Rabia was happy that everything turned __________ to be good. Her mother had recovered.


7. She (Rabia) opened the door and saw two rescuers standing there. Rabia ___________ them in.


8. She (the mother of Abdul Qadir) ____________ open part of the lining of the coat and sewed the money inside it. She asked him to keep the money carefully.


9. She met ____ interesting clown.


10. Special dishes are prepared ____ this day.


11. Teacher: All the students must reach the school at nine O clock.Students: Well be _________ time, sir.


12. The doors were shut. Change into question.


13. The man told her to stay calm and asked her all the questions she had ____________ with her uncle.


14. The merchants thanked the robbers, and prayed that God _________ give them strength to lead good and truthful life.


15. There you are! We need water for everything. But do you know that in future we may not have _____________ water.


16. They started to avoid him. If he tried to join them in break time, they would walk _____________. Which of the following word befits the blank space?


17. Water is precious. We must use every drop of water _____________.


18. We will make two teams. Teams of students ______________ team of teachers.


19. What is the name of the author of the Poem, A Childs Hymn?


20. When Hiras mother came to wake her up for school, she noticed that Hira was ______________.


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