Computer Engineering Quiz 2

1. __________ is standard wireless LAN that uses radio signal.


2. __________ transmission media works on the properties of light.


3. ___________ graphs represent an image as a geometric shape.


4. ___________ is a statement that is either true or false.


5. ___________ is not an example of Graphics and Visualization.


6. ___________ is responsible for QA planning, oversight, record keeping, analysis, and reporting.


7. ___________ is the address issued by the CPU to the memory.


8. ____________ Gate is also called an inverter.


9. ____________ is a volatile memory.


10. ____________ is used to hold source operands only and cannot be used for storing results.


11. _____________ is a time consuming run-time activity, resulting in slower program execution.


12. _____________ is the best tool for relational database model.


13. _____________ is the frequency of the sound.


14. _____________ watches status of all devices, control units, and channels.


15. ______________ executes a query in SQL.


16. ______________ is a negative terminal of a bipolar device.


17. ______________ is not the part of software documentation?


18. ______________ testing examines the program structure and derives test data from the program logic.


19. ______________ uses separate connection for call control.


20. _______________ is not an economic issues in computing.


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