Computer Engineering Quiz 1

1. _____ is defined as the energy consumed in moving an object.


2. _____ is implemented by using a Two-dimensional array.


3. _____ is known as the fastest transmission media so far.


4. ______ function is a function calling itself again and again.


5. ______ is the result of bad concurrency control?


6. ______ is used to translate assembly language.


7. _______ enables a programmer to intercept run-time errors.


8. _______ is not a prevailing Computer Network Protocol.


9. _______ is not a proposition.


10. _______ is not the example of Requirements Elicitation?


11. _______ is the delay produced by the resistance and capacitance on a transistor:


12. ________ cannot be deduced from a modern human skeleton?


13. ________ in digital systems is easy.


14. ________ refers to those attributes that have a direct impact on the logical execution of a program


15. _________ are simply bit-patterns in the machine language format of an instruction.


16. _________ is the defense of mail bombing occurred due to large-sized eMails being sent to an address, overloading the destination account.


17. _________ node is a node reachable by repeated proceeding from parent to child.


18. _________ scheduling algorithm is designed especially for time sharing systems.


19. __________ is a graphical technique in circuit analysis which describes the output circuit, external to a device, on the device output characteristic.


20. __________ is not example of Combinational Circuit?


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