Computer Engineering Quiz 20

1. In order to test a software application, it is necessary to generate _______ which is used in the application.


2. In packet Switched Network, data is transmitted in the form of:


3. In real time computing, the correctness of operation depends both on the logical results of the computation and:


4. In Swapping technique of Memory Management, the total amount transfer time is directly proportional to the _______________.


5. In the Fibonacci algorithms’ recursive case we make ______________.


6. In twisted pair cable, two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of ________________ electromagnetic interference (EMI).


7. In_____________________, data is combined with procedures to give objects.


8. Read Only Memory is ____________ in nature.


9. Indexes are form of database:


10. Initialize the internal data, wait for events to arrive, identify an incoming event and react accordingly is the example of:


11. Insertion, look up, and deletion can all be done in ________time in reasonably balanced Binary Search Tree.


12. Interactive GUI Programming has Object-Oriented Programming and:


13. Internal structure of the software can be known by ________.


14. ISP is used for:


15. It is an important requirement to maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping information ______________.


16. Jobs are relocated in main memory for the purpose of ________.


17. Kernel threads are supported directly by the __________________.


18. Laplace Transform is used to find __________________ using algebra.


19. Length of the walk of the graph is ________________________.


20. In fault tolerant software the two most obvious ways to limit the failure rate are ____________________________.


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