Computer Engineering Quiz 3

1. _______________ is testing the software without knowing its structure.


2. _______________ is the amount of time required for a message to travel from one device to another.


3. _______________ refers to the way a system supports users in carrying out their tasks.


4. _______________ uses preset policies to determine which process will get a device and for how long.


5. ________________ are symbolic names which are used to identify memory locations that are referred to explicitly in the program.


6. ________________ is a computer program designed to model the problem solving ability of a human expert.


7. ________________ Logic lets us define realistically the true function that defines real world scenarios.


8. _________________ are considered to be the Basic Building Blocks of any Digital circuit.


9. _________________ increases CPU utilization by organizing jobs and avoids idling of the CPU.


10. __________________ can tell a lot about browsing habits.


11. __________________ Gate can be implemented using a combination of three NAND gates.


12. __________________ refers to the length of time required for a signal to travel from transmitter to receiver across a transmission system.


13. ___________________ circuits use current as well as previous state.


14. ___________________ is a result to divide a single Broadcast domain into multiple Broadcast domains.


15. ____________________ can be broadly categorized into guided and unguided media.


16. ____________________ is a multiple input multiple output logic circuits.


17. ____________________ is a powerful utility that lets you directly access the registers and memory of your computer for various purposes.


18. _____________________ is the ability of software to exchange information with other applications and make use of information transparently.


19. ______________________ a circular geographical area that handles cellular phones within its defined physical boundary.


20. ______________________ signals are signals that have nonzero values in both positive and negative time.


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