Computer Engineering Quiz 16

1. Computational activities are scheduled by operating systems to ensure _____of computer system.


2. Computational Intelligence is also called _________________.


3. Computer crimes are also called:


4. Computers manipulate and transform information in ___________ form.


5. Control of mechanical system are the example of ___________.


6. Sampling is best understood in the _________________.


7. CPU Time + ________ = Elapsed Time


8. Cross-platform development method is used for both the embedded system and:


9. Data checking process include various steps. Which of the following is NOT such a step?


10. Data Encryption and Data Compression is done by ______ layer in OSI Model.


11. Data entry encoder must have various skills, which of the following is NOT such a skill?


12. Data entry requirements are need to be maintained for _________?


13. Data is also handled in a 4-bit unit called a ____________


14. Data processing is also known as


15. Delay produced by the resistance and capacitance on a transistor is called:


16. Devices in a Distributed System are ___________ in nature.


17. D-flip flop is also known as __________ since it can store a single bit of data.


18. Different _________will have different epistemic requirements with respect to interaction with the technology.


19. Digital circuits that use memory elements for their operation are known as _________.


20. Directed graphs are suitable for modeling __________streets.


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