Computer Engineering Quiz 19

1. In ______, jobs are punched over a computer readable card.


2. In _________, state of a system can be changed at only a countable number of points in time.


3. In __________________ phase, all components of a system are defined.


4. In _____________________ multimedia, active content progresses without any navigation control for the viewer.


5. In _________________________ we state computation in terms of mathematical logic.


6. In a 32 bit processor the address A0 bit of the address line is connected to:


7. In a baseband transmission, the entire bandwidth of the cable is consumed by:


8. In a bus architecture, a bus has limited:


9. In a distributed system, the existence of multiple autonomous computers is ____________________________ to the user.


10. In a multithreading, __________ can be performed by number of threads.


11. In case of a hostile situation, what is the primary role of a security officer?


12. In Circuit Switched Network, data is transmitted through ______.


13. In Client-Server Computing, __________ initiates communication sessions.


14. In distributed databases, a user has _______________ control on data.


15. In distributed system a logical clock is associated with __________.


16. Record data structure is a type of _____________ data structures.


17. In DOS, backups can be run with the __________command.


18. In Embedded System, Software storage is chosen to allow for ___________.


19. Real time Systems have __________________ constraint.


20. In fault tolerant software the two most obvious ways to limit the failure rate are ____________________________.


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