Computer Engineering Quiz 17

1. Discrete signals are to be collected in the form of ___________.


2. Discrete Time Signals are continuous in value but discrete in _____________.


3. RISC stands for?


4. Distributed applications are naturally _____________


5. Each pixel on a computer screen in RGB model may be represented by a _______ number to identify its color.


6. Each thread has its own _____________________ to keep track of itself.


7. Each tree with at least 2 vertices contains at least ________ leaves.


8. Electron volt Energy required to move a charge of one electron through a potential difference of 1 V is equals to _________.


9. Embedded means that the system is ___________of a larger system.


10. Embedded systems are efficient in performance and consume ______________ power.


11. Embedded systems can be __________ with very few resources.


12. Embedded systems consume ___________ power.


13. Embedded systems have the capability to be ______________ at low resources.


14. Encapsulation allows selective hiding of ______________ in an object of the class.


15. Encryption and Compression is the responsibility of _____________ layer in OSI Model.


16. External View level is explicitly ________ and presents data as desired by the users of the database.


17. Fast-Ethernet provides speed up to _____________.


18. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) uses TCP/IP for communication and it works on TCP port ______ .


19. For the typical transistor amplifier in the active region, VCE is usually about ___________ of VCC.


20. Free Hand Drawing is an example of _________________ Programming.


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