Computer Engineering Quiz 14

1. A_______________ must react to stimuli from the controlled object within the time interval ordered by the environment.


2. ABEL is a _______________ used for implementing logic designs using PLDs.


3. Access to classified information is limited to appropriately cleared personnel with _________________.


4. Adding a node to a singly linked list has only _________.


5. After logging into a router and typing in a few show commands, you press the up arrow key. What will this do?


6. All circuits in CPU are driven by a master clock, with the exception of ________________ register.


7. All components of a system are defined in ___________ phase.


8. All elements of an array are stored at ___________ memory location(s).


9. All jobs that enter the system are kept in the ________________.


10. All of the followings are Intellectual Properties except.


11. An ___________ system adapts itself to deal with changes in problems.


12. An algorithm for choosing a unique process to play a particular role is called ________.


13. An embedded processor is:


14. An embedded system is a microprocessor used as a(n) ___________ in another piece of technology.


15. An embedded system is designed to perform __________.


16. An embedded system is designed to run on:


17. An employee has lost his official entry card, what should be the duty of a security officer when he learns of such incident?


18. An even signal is any signal f such that __________________.


19. An ideal network has more ______ and less _____.


20. An instruction has __________ long Op-Code.


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