Computer Engineering Quiz 13

1. A graph is bipartite if and only if it contains________


2. A is said to be a subset of B if and only __________________


3. A latch is a temporary storage device that has __________.


4. A Locking Protocols works under a _______________ mechanism.


5. A log amplifier has ________ in the feedback loop:


6. A memory location has two components:


7. A multimedia is a combination of two or more categories of information having ________________ characteristics.


8. A n-bit register can be formed by grouping ____________ together.


9. A network uses a ________ arranges for computers to be connected in a closed loop.


10. A node that is reachable by repeated proceeding from parent to child is called _______


11. A process may be ________ in the main memory many times due to swapping.


12. A sign whose format suggests its meaning called _____________


13. A signal is classified as ______________________ if it takes on value by chance according to some probabilistic model.


14. A single database can be spread over several tables in _____________.


15. A single threaded process can only run on _________________ no matter how many are available.


16. A statistical technique known as ______________ is used to develop an overall sign of betterment in software quality.


17. A system that is based on only one modality is called_____________.


18. A tree is a connected graph with___________


19. A unity gain amplifier is also known as:


20. A user has __________ control on data in distributed databases.


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