Computer Engineering Quiz 15

1. An operating system must provide convenient ______for the development and execution of programs


2. Any computer software whose source code is in the public domain is distributed under ______________________________.


3. Anything that interrupts the regular flow of execution of instructions in the Processor is called____________.


4. Application programs are designed for _______________.


5. As signal travels through the media, the amount of dispersion depends upon the ________________.


6. Assembly language can be translated using:


7. At the lower levels of logic design, the designer is concerned mostly with the ______________________.


8. Backup and Recovery is the responsibility of _____________


9. Bandwidth may be defined as the range of _____________________ assigned to a channel.


10. Before writing software for an embedded system, we must first be familiar with the ________on which it will run.


11. Being a computer professional, one should act _____________ with the public interest.


12. Biased Code is used by _____________ to represent positive and negative exponent values.


13. Causal signals are signals that are ____________ for all negative time.


14. CLI stands for __________.


15. CMOS logically uses:


16. CMOS stands for ___________________________.


17. Collection of ______ memory locations is called array.


18. combinational circuit produces its output ____________.


19. Communicating your intention is also referred to as declaring a ______________________.


20. Communication is initiated by _____ in a Client-Server Computing model.


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