Computer Engineering Quiz 12

1. A _____________is a set of independent computers linked by a computer network that appear to the users of the system as a single computer.


2. A ____________instruction has a dedicated CPU register, called the accumulator, to hold one operand and to store the result.


3. A binary tree with N internal nodes has ________ links.


4. A bonding of atoms strengthened by the sharing of electrons is called ________.


5. A catastrophe in larger part may be the result of _________ within a small part of a program.


6. A certain number of threads can perform single ____ in multithreading


7. A circuit in a processor that generates a regular sequence of electronic pulses used to synchronize operations of the electronic system is known as


8. A complex application use more than _____________ customization methods.


9. A computer professional should ______________ study and practice of new technologies.


10. A computer system that supports both batch and interactive processes is known as?


11. A computer which exploits multiple data streams against a single instruction stream to perform operations which may be naturally parallelized is known as?


12. A Console input and output may be used for :


13. A counter is a ___________________ which it capable of counting the number of clock pulses arriving at its clock input.


14. A device manager determines which job will get a _____ and for how long:


15. A directed graph consisting of a collection of trees is called ____________________.


16. A discrete signal has _________________ states.


17. A discrete-time system is called ________.


18. A distributed system that appears to its users & applications to be a single computer system is said to be:


19. A function calling itself again and again is called a _________ Function.


20. A graph is a collection of ________________:


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