Computer Engineering Quiz 6

1. A ______ application use more than one customization methods.


2. A ___________ is a software generated interrupt caused either by an error or by a user request for an operating system service.


3. A ___________ is an unordered collection of distinct objects.


4. A ______________ is a diagram that illustrates Relationship between data.


5. A _______________ bit is added to the hardware of the computer to indicate the current mode (monitor mode or user mode).


6. A ________________ is a sequence of steps to solve a specific problem.


7. A __________________ within a small part of a program could result in a catastrophe in larger part.


8. A ____________________ is a collection of processors that do not share memory, peripheral devices or a clock.


9. A ____________________ is conceptually a table, but the records of this table are not stored in the database.


10. A _____________________ can translate the words into their bit patterns very easily.


11. A _______________is a variable that any method in a class can access, including static methods such as main.


12. A _____________is a set of independent computers linked by a computer network that appear to the users of the system as a single computer.


13. A ____________instruction has a dedicated CPU register, called the accumulator, to hold one operand and to store the result.


14. A character data type takes ____________ bits in memory.


15. A binary tree with N internal nodes has ________ links.


16. A bonding of atoms strengthened by the sharing of electrons is called ________.


17. A catastrophe in larger part may be the result of _________ within a small part of a program.


18. A certain number of threads can perform single ____ in multithreading


19. A complex application use more than _____________ customization methods.


20. A computer professional should ______________ study and practice of new technologies.


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