Computer Engineering Quiz 5

1. ____________locations are contiguous.


2. ____________means the access of database form as number of points simultaneously.


3. ___________an additional software layer to cover heterogeneity.


4. ___________are NOT good where table traversals are needed.


5. ___________is a special file that contains setup instructions for the computer system used in MS-DOS and OS/2 operating Systems.


6. __________counter requires additional circuitry.


7. __________is a component within some larger system.


8. __________is a concept that extends to all systems that are both linear and time invariant (LTI).


9. __________is the vector timestamp that represents the updates that are reflected in the value.


10. __________is time representation in clock tick.


11. __________is used to represent a claim edge in Resource Allocation Graph.


12. _________is a small piece of code that indicates how to locate the appropriate memory resident library routine or how to load the library if the routine is not already present.


13. _________is a standard for interconnecting integrated circuits on a printed circuit board.


14. Dielectric breakdown in chips is a:


15. Dielectric breakdown in chips is an example of __________.


16. MTBF stands for ______________________.


17. Not many instances of _________ architecture exist.


18. The date of birth for all children must be within the past 15 years. Which type of data check the above statement is?


19. The interface must make it possible to do everything that the users need to do means that the operating system must have ____________ in its design.


20. VARCHAR2(size) stores which type of data in Oracle?


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