World General Knowledge (Physical Geography) – Quiz 1

1. ____________ is used to measure the atmospheric pressure.


2. A geomorphic model is a simplified representation of some aspect of _______________ that happens to interest a geomorphologist?


3. A lysimeter is used to measure _______________?


4. A rift valley is also known as ___________.


5. A specific smaller body of water, around the edge of an ocean, or a completely isolated inland body of water is called ____________.


6. A term __________________ is derived from agriculture and refers to the soil water contents where plant start to die back?


7. According to ________________ an object that absorbs all radiation incidents on it is called blackbody?


8. Adriatic Sea is the lowest point of which state?


9. Alfered Wegner, a German meteorologist gave the concept of Pangaea. What does it mean?


10. All the physical and chemical change, that effects the modification, and the configuration of the earths surface forms, are known as: ______________________.


11. Among following marine explorers, who was British?


12. Among various soil samples, the soil with ______________ color will be indentified as rich with Iron Oxides?


13. Amsterdam is located on ___________ longitude from the Greenwhich:


14. Arizona is divided into how many counties?


15. Atmosphere is extends to a height of about _____________ above the earth.


16. Atmosphere layered structured by its electromagnetic properties such as non-ionosphere and ___________.


17. Balkan Peninsula is located:


18. Based on area which of the following is the largest stateof USA:


19. Batu Tara, Dukono and Gamalama are Stratovolcanoes located in?


20. By surface area which of the following lake is the world largest reservoir?


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