Computer Science Quiz 6

1. A solid entity of CGS modeling is:


2. A ribbon is changed in ___________ different shapes in Inpage:


3. A graphic work with White, Red, Black and Yellow has ________ color separation.


4. _________ are simply bit patterns in the machine language format of an instruction.


5. A document may has ________ master page:


6. A completely black arrow tool in is called the Illustrator is known as ______________:


7. A 0 address instruction uses a ____________ to hold both the operands and the result.


8. A ____________instruction has a dedicated CPU register, called the accumulator, to hold one operand and to store the result.


9. 3D CAD is used for:


10. 2D CAD is used for:


11. Validation against user expectations, usually it is done at the client premises. Statement best suited to:


12. Measurement Units option is found in _____________________ in InPage:


13. ________________is concerned with the design of the whole system and ensuring its optimum performance.


14. ________________________ is the starting point, base document for both testing and the development.


15. ______________________ occurs when you use memory that does not belong to you.


16. ______________________ help you in designing test cases to test the system effectively and efficiently.


17. ___________________ short cut key is used to test SWF file.


18. ___________________ is phenomenon in which software deviates from its expected behavior.


19. ___________________ is a new feature in Illustrator which assists in diagnosing and troubleshooting the problem area.


20. ___________________ are pointers that are used to point at something, but we fail to ever assign them something to point at.


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