Computer Science Quiz 4

1. The Auto kerning check option is used to __________________________:


2. The _________always transfers data in parallel.


3. The ______________ field provides a number of techniques for dealing with software life cycle decision issues.


4. In Flash bitmap images describe _________ using _________.


5. In computer aided drafting practice arc is defined as:


6. In CNC milling machine a end mile with 10mm diameter is employed. The corner points are represented by (0, 0), (0, 30), (30, 50), (50, 0). The trajectory of the center will be:


7. In a simple surface number of non coincidental points are:


8. _________________ is used to close a document in InPage:


9. In a 2D CAD package clockwise circular arc of radius 5, at point (15, 10) to point2 (10, 15) will have center:


10. If we enter more text than the size of a textbox, then _____________________:


11. How much should we invest in information system analyses in order to converge on an appropriate definition and concept of operation for the system we plan to implement? This statement is related to:


12. How many times below given loop will be performed?{ int anArray[50];int i;i = 50;while(i >= 0){anArray[i] = 0;i = i – 1;}


13. How many test cases need to be executed in order to test all the main scenarios in the code at least once?


14. Hidden panels can temporarily be displayed by selecting ______________________ in Interface preferences.


15. Given an extensive list of suggested product improvements, which ones should we implement first? This statement is related to:


16. For generating coons in Gate 2007, patch we require:


17. For cropping in Corel Draw, we use _______________ :


18. ______________ is the process of examining the software product against its requirements.


19. Following is not a graphical standard:


20. Following flow graph notation describes which coding structure?


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