Computer Science Quiz 3

1. The Auto kerning check option is used to __________________________:


2. The _________always transfers data in parallel.


3. The ______________ field provides a number of techniques for dealing with software life cycle decision issues.


4. Structural testing is also called _____________________.


5. Software which initiates file handling management and its directories is:


6. Screen is scanned from left to right and bottom to top by:


7. RISC stands for?


8. Register to register machines typically use the _________ instruction format.


9. Registers can hold data as well as _________________.


10. Raster display by electronic gun is:


11. Processors can be classified on the basis of their __________________.


12. One critical problem that underlies all applications of economic techniques to software engineering is the problem of ______________________.


13. On which Operating System Inpage software can run:


14. NC countering is an example of ________________ in Gate 2006:


15. InPage gives a facility to specify the density of hyphenation in a ____________:


16. In the Inpage software The word Count menu is available under _____________ menu:


17. In point to point NC system is ____________________.


18. In Photoshop______________ allow us to organize work into distinct levels that can be edited and viewed as individual units:


19. In many projects requirements specifications and design documents can go out of date, but the ________________ is always up to date.


20. In Illustrator ______________ use a precise cursor to help pinpoint the exact origins and endings of the path:


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