Computer Science Quiz 2

1. We can insert page number in InPage document by putting page number in _____________________:


2. We can adjust line spacing in Inpage document with the help of ______________________ box:


3. Thumbwheel are mounted on:


4. Throughout the software life cycle there are many decision situations involving ____________________ in which software engineering economics techniques provide useful assistance.


5. There are _________ screen modes in Illustrator.


6. There are ________ paper Orientation in Corel Draw.


7. The text chain feature in InPage software means ________________________ :


8. The standard recommended resolution for printed images is between ________ to ________:


9. The order of cubic spline is the C ____________ order.


10. The number of lines in wireframe to represent a cube are:


11. The four address instructions specify the addresses of ______ source operands, the address of the destination operand and the next instruction address.


12. The field of software engineering economics is situated at intersection of information economics and _______________________.


13. _____________ shortcut key is used for Application preferences:


14. The execution of the program instructions in computer takes place in the ________________.


15. The degree of freedom of two node bar element is:


16. The degree of Bezier curve with control point is:


17. The Corel Draw Application is a _______________ based drawing software:


18. The axis of turning machine are:


19. The application frame groups all the __________________ in a single integrated window in Illustrator.


20. The export Text menu in InPage is available under ______________ menu:


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