Computer Science Quiz 5

1. Flash content that we import or that is a symbol is stored in _________________:


2. File size is large in ____________ format:


3. Extension of a Flash file is __________:


4. Every ______________ consists of length and width in InPage:


5. Dwell is defined by:


6. Drag drop checkbox option is available in ____________________ menu:


7. Digitizer is constructed on the basis of:


8. Dictionary of InPage contains ______________ words:


9. Data processing function in CAD is performed by:


10. Cyclomatic Complexity, V(G), for a flow graph G is defined as:


11. Ctrl + M is used in InPage to __________________________.


12. Convex hull property in a surface is justified by:


13. CAM is:


14. CAM has a negative impact on workshop by:


15. CAD stands for


16. CAD does not help in team work in ________________ way.


17. C0 continuously refers to:


18. BOM structure is used for:


19. An instance name cannot have _______________ or special characters:


20. All of the software engineering economics decision analysis techniques are only as good as the ________________ we can provide for them.


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