General Science (Chemistry) – Quiz 1

1. Alkaline earth metal are chemically similar because their :


2. All Nobel gases have incomplete electronic configuration of the outermost shell Except :


3. All reducing sugars are expected to give a positive:


4. Along the groups of modern periodic table while moving from top to bottom:


5. Along the periods of modern periodic table while moving from left to right:


6. Animal cell do not have a _____.


7. As compared to atomic orbitals hybrid orbital tend to have :


8. As compared to magnesium calcium has:


9. As compared to molecular hydrogen atomic hydrogen is:


10. At constant pressure heat absorbed or evolved by a system is equal to change in its :


11. At elevated temperature gypsum losses it water of crystallization to form:


12. At elevated temperature isotherm of a gas moves away from both axis due to its:


13. Bakelite can be formed from formaldehyde and phenol by:


14. Bakelite is a condensation polymer of:


15. Bauxite ore containing excess impurity of ferric oxide should be purified by :


16. Bauxite ore containing excess of silica impurities should be preferably purified be:


17. Beryllium hydride is a polymeric hydride like :


18. Bimolecular Nucleophilic substitution reactions of alkyl halides follow a:


19. Binary compound of alkaline earth metal that should be Least soluble in water is:


20. Binary compound of hydrogen that can release atomic hydrogen on heating is:


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