General Science (Chemistry) – Quiz 2

1. Binary compound of hydrogen that has tendency to liberates hydrogen gas on reaction with acids and alcohols is:


2. Bleaching powder exhibits its bleaching action mainly through the formation of:


3. By doubling the specific heat of a system heat absorbed or evolved by the system will:


4. Carbon black is formed as a byproduct when hydrogen gas is synthesized by:


5. Carbonyl carbon of aldehydes and ketones is:


6. Catalytic dehydrohalogenation of ethyl bromide will generate:


7. Catalytic oxidation of isopropyl alcohol will produce :


8. Catalytic oxidation of nitrous oxide follows:


9. Catalytic reduction of ethyl bromide can produce:


10. Catalytic sulphonation of benzene will preferably proceeds via :


11. Cement powder mixed with water forms a thick suspension called a _____.


12. Change in optical rotation can be used as a way for determination of rate of reaction by:


13. Chemical energy is really a form of _______ energy.


14. In angular geometry of water molecule oxygen atom has:


15. Chemical energy is the energy stored in a substance that can be _____ during a chemical reaction.


16. Chemically ordinary glass is composed of a mixture of:


17. Chief impurities present in Bauxite ore are:


18. Combustion analysis of substance is usually performed to determine its:


19. Configuration that best corresponds to outer shell electronic configuration of an alkaline earth metal is :


20. Conversion of alkyl halides into their respective alkane follow :


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